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Pin Code :

Pin code stands for postal index is permanent number of specific post office. This six digit postal code used for Indian post known as pin code. After continues evolution in this number system finally postal code comes in India postal code known as pin code of Indian post offices. Indian post office has play very vital role in India’s progress since from British raj.

History Of Pin Code :

Mr.Shriram Bhikaji Velankar invented this pin code system for easily sorting of letters and post cards in 1972. due to incorrect delivery address it may create confusion in delivering latters but using this pin code system post officials can easily deliver letters to correct destinations. According to year of 2015 India has 154,939 post offices .among them 139,222 (89.86%) is located in ruler areas of India and remaining in urban areas.

Pin Code Pin Numbers :

In pin codes first three digit numbers represent particular geographical another words called sorting district.
Basically Indian post have 22 postal circle and nine postal region among that first eight are used for geographical region and last one reserved for Indian army postal services.

  1. The first digit indicates the region.
  2. the primary 2 digits indicate the sub-region (or communicating circle).
  3. the primary 3 digits indicate a sorting district.
  4. The last 3 digits indicate the delivery post workplace.

First 1/2 Digits of PIN Postal Circle
11 Delhi
12 to 13 Haryana(Kamania)
14 to 15 Punjab
16 Chandigarh
17 Himachal Pradesh
18 to 19 Jammu and Kashmir
20 to 28 Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand
30 to 34 Rajasthan
36 to 39 Gujarat
403 Goa
40 to 44 Maharashtra
45 to 48 Madhya Pradesh
49 Chhattisgarh
50 Telangana
51 to 53 Andhra pradesh
56 to 59 Karnataka
60 to 64 Tamil Nadu
67 to 69 Kerala
682 Lakshadweep (Islands)
70 to 74 West Bengal
744 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
74 to 75 Odisha
78 Assam
79 Arunachal Pradesh
793, 794, 783123 Meghalaya
795 Manipur
796 Mizoram
799 Tripura
80 to 85 Bihar and Jharkhand
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Importance of Pin code :

Pin code are really important to identifying any location ,geo-location and landmark. Because some names are really difficult to remembering and it may possibility of duplication in names. Using this pin code system we can easily sort out these location. Now near about all ecommerce web applications are used pin code for identifying the buyers location .using pin code we can check out is delivery available this location Not.
Pin code are really helpful to improving Letter and post card delivery quality of indian post.
Pin code is fast and efficient way to sorting letters and post cards.
Using this pin code system no extra effort required to post man.

Pin Code is a code of any region which states its identity. Searching for the pin code of a particular region always helps the person who wants to travel to that area. It is very important to know the identity of an area before journeying to it. Hence, the various places in districts, towns and states have been assigned with a particular code which is called as pin code. By gaining the knowledge about the pin code of the region, one can easily find the place where he wants to go.

Most of the times, it becomes very difficult to acquire the information about a place where we want to go. The pin code of that region plays a crucial role in easing our task to trace the region. The simple six digit code is an identity of the place where a person wants to reach to it from its destination. The number not only helps in grabbing the information about a place but also assists in tracing the place with higher accuracy.

Use of pin code makes the way of tracing any place quite easy. There’re plenteous official websites which have the information about the pin codes of every region in the world. Our blog too has the complete acquaintances about the pin code of every place in India. Procedure to search for the pin code of a particular is mentioned here. Use the info to know the process of searching the pin code and use it to find the exact code of the place.

State Name Post Offices
Andaman & Nicobar Islands   102  
Andhra Pradesh   10334  
Arunachal Pradesh   295  
Assam   4010  
Bihar   9058  
Chandigarh   52  
Chattisgarh   3150  
Dadra & Nagar Haveli   39  
Daman & Diu   20  
Delhi   545  
Goa   258  
Gujarat   8937  
Haryana   2688  
Himachal Pradesh   2781  
Jammu & Kashmir   1684  
Jharkhand   3097  
Karnataka   9682  
Kerala   5058  
Lakshadweep   10  
Madhya Pradesh   8311  
Maharashtra   12610  
Manipur   699  
Meghalaya   475  
Mizoram   412  
Na   6  
Nagaland   331  
Odisha   8166  
Pondicherry   93  
Punjab   3809  
Rajasthan   10334  
Sikkim   211  
Tamil Nadu   11870  
Telangana   5808  
Tripura   708  
Uttar Pradesh   17674  
Uttarakhand   2718  
West Bengal   8726  

Importance of Postal Code

Postal Code is a code of any place which states its identity. Seeking for the Postal code of a particular area always assists the person who desires to journey to that region. It is very significant to acknowledge the identity of a place before traveling to it. Therefore, the numerous areas in towns, districts and states have been given a special identity with a unique code which is called as Postal code. By having the information about the Postal code of the place, one would be easily search the area where he wants to journey.

Many times, it seems quite uneasy to gain the knowledge about a region where we want to travel for some reason. The Postal code of that area plays a pivotal role in making our efforts to trace the area easy. The normal six digit code is an identity of the region where a person wills to travel from its destination. The number helps in comprehending the acquaintances about a region as well as helps in tracing the region with better perfection.

Use of Postal code eases the way of tracing and acquiring information about any region. There’re copious official blogs which have the acquaintances about the Postal codes of every place in the world. Our website also has the entire information about the Postal code of every area in India. Process to seek for the Postal code of any place is explained here. Make a good use of the information to know the procedure of searching the Postal code and use it to find the accurate postal code of the region.

Delivery Systems Using Pin Code:

All liters are sorted according to pin code and region wise and distributed with General Post Office [GPO] or Head Office[HO] or Sub Office[SO]
Now days pin code are used to various government organizations along with Indian post for identifying location and landmark details.